What are the most effective and simple methods to perform raccoon control safely?

Raccoons are adorable-looking creatures. Who among us hasn’t thought this upon seeing a wild one or a particularly endearing photograph of one? But if they invade your home or garden, they’re no longer adorable.

In that instance, they are a nuisance and a danger since they can destroy your property, eat your plants, and leave behind garbage and droppings. In addition, they could be harboring parasites or viruses that could spread to your pets. As such, the question becomes how to humanely and efficiently perform raccoon removal.

What is the typical method for controlling raccoons?

Trapping and relocating raccoons is the most typical method for getting rid of them. It is your responsibility to research the relevant legislation in your area before purchasing or renting a trap. Recapturing a wild animal is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Check for baby raccoons before setting a trap in the spring if you suspect a mother has taken up residence in your attic, chimney, or walls. Raccoon kits can cause a lot of damage if you ignore them until they starve to death. In that case, you can expect a putrid odor.

The mother raccoon will try to return to your home even if you relocate her hundreds of miles away. Some raccoon control near meprofessionalsadvice against trying to capture a raccoon with young because of how challenging it can be to locate and remove the young.

The next step is to locate a trap that is large and sturdy enough to capture the raccoon. Because of their agility, intelligence, and strength, they can readily escape a simple trap. If you utilize a trap, release the animal 10–20 kilometers away.

Does strobe light of intensity works?

When trapping is not an option, a strobe light of sufficient intensity is a novel method for raccoon control. The raccoon’s highly sensitive eyes are damaged by the sudden, intense illumination.

Within days, they’ll have abandoned your home and relocated their young because of it. Not only is this a wonderful thing for the environment, but it also ensures that they won’t return to the area the following year to start a new nest.

Use of electric wire shocks for destroying raccoons in garden areas

It has not been established that chemicals or items like moth balls may deter them. Raccoons can be shocked with an electric wire if they are destroying your garden or landscape.

To be effective in performing raccoon control Los Angeleswhile being safe for children and dogs, the voltage need only be moderate. You may get a similar effect with motion-activated water sprayers in your yard.


Eventually, the raccoon will find a more suitable location, but only if it keeps trying. If you want to get rid of raccoons, the last thing you should do is anything that might attract more. Do this by securing trash cans with bungee cords or another suitable method.

Keep in mind that a raccoon can mistake pet food left outside for an invitation to dine. To put it simply over raccoon removal near me, raccoons will eat just about everything. Lastly, make sure that any entry points into your home or attic are sealed or repaired. Your home and yard should be raccoon-free now!

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