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Cohiba Piramides: The Best Cigar In The World

Cohiba Piramides is the best cigar in the world. There, I said it. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit of a cigar snob, and in my opinion, there is no better cigar than a Cohiba Piramides. Cohiba Piramides are handmade in Cuba using only the finest tobacco leaves. They are then aged for a minimum of three years, which results in a smooth, mellow smoke with hints of sweetness and spice. If you’re looking for the ultimate smoking experience, look no further than Cohiba Piramides. In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes these cigars so special and why they are worth every penny.

What is the Cohiba Piramides?

Cohiba Piramides is the best cigar in the world. It is handcrafted in Cuba with the finest tobaccos and has a smooth, full-bodied flavor that is truly unmatched. Cohiba Piramides are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re enjoying a night out on the town or relaxing at home.

The Different Types of Cohiba Piramides

There are three different types of Cohiba Piramides: the Cohiba Piramides Extra, the Cohiba Piramides Platinum, and the Cohiba Piramides Reserva.

The Cohiba Piramides Extra is the original cigar in the line and is made with a blend of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. The cigars are aged for a minimum of two years before being released.

The Cohiba Piramides Platinum is a limited edition cigar that was released in 2006. It is made with an even more select blend of tobaccos and is aged for a minimum of three years. Only 2,000 boxes of 10 cigars were produced.

The Cohiba Piramides Reserva is the newest release in the line and was introduced in 2011. It is made with an exclusive blend of tobaccos that have been aged for a minimum of five years.

Pros and Cons of the Cohiba Piramides

The Cohiba Piramides is one of the most popular cigars in the world. It is known for its excellent flavor and quality. However, there are some pros and cons to this cigar that you should be aware of before you purchase one.


-The Cohiba Piramides has an excellent flavor that is loved by many smokers.

-The cigar is made with high-quality tobaccos that make it smooth and enjoyable to smoke.

-The Cohiba Piramides is a well-constructed cigar that burns evenly and produces a lot of smoke.


-The Cohiba Piramides is a bit pricey compared to other cigars on the market.

What Makes the Cohiba Piramides the Best Cigar in the World?

There are many reasons the Cohiba Piramides is considered the best cigar in the world. First, the cigars are handmade in Cuba using only the finest tobacco leaves. The tobacco is then aged for a minimum of two years, ensuring that each Cohiba Piramides is full of flavor.

In addition to being made with high-quality tobacco, the Cohiba Piramides is also expertly crafted. Each cigar is rolled by hand and then inspected by a master cigar roller to ensure that it meets the highest standards. This attention to detail ensures that every single Cohiba Piramides is a work of art.

Finally, the Cohiba Piramides has a perfect balance of strength and flavor. The cigars are full-bodied without being too strong, making them enjoyable for both novice smokers and experienced aficionados alike. Whether you’re looking for an after-dinner treat or a relaxing smoke, the Cohiba Piramides is sure to exceed your expectations.

How to Enjoy the Cohiba Piramides

Assuming you have already acquired a Cohiba Piramides, here are some tips on how to enjoy this world-renowned cigar.

First, find a comfortable spot to sit or recline in. You want to be able to take your time with this cigar, so make sure you’re in a relaxed position. Next, cut the cap off the cigar using a sharp knife or cutter. Be careful not to cut too much off, as this can affect the smoking experience.

Now it’s time to light the cigar. Some people prefer using a match while others use a butane lighter. If you’re using a match, let it burn for a few seconds before holding it to the cigar. This will allow the sulfur to burn off and prevent it from messing with the flavor of the tobacco. When lighting, hold the flame at an angle so that it evenly lights the whole circumference of the cigar’s foot. Slowly rotate the cigar as you draw in air and apply heat until it’s evenly lit.

Once your cigar is lit, take a few small puffs without inhaling and then blow out the smoke. This will help get it started and ensure an even burn. From there, take long draws on thecigar and savorthe flavor and aroma. Remember to exhale slowly through your nose as well as your mouth so you can fully enjoy all that this amazing cigar has to offer!


Cohiba Piramides is truly the best cigar in the world. From its expert construction to its flavorful profile, there is nothing that can touch it. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a box of these cigars, savor them and enjoy every moment. They are truly a once in a lifetime experience.



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