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The Importance Of Commercial Video Production In Somalia

One of the most recent areas to see a surge in foreign investment is the Somali maritime industry. With an expanding economy and an increasing demand for maritime services, Somalia has seen a number of new port projects being developed. One such port project is the development of a new marine terminal in the town of Bosaso. The project, which is expected to create hundreds of jobs, will require the installation of high-quality video production equipment. If you are looking to do business in Somalia and are looking for ways to stand out from your competitors, investing in commercial video production might be one way to do so. By producing high-quality videos that depict your company in a positive light, you can help attract investors and future customers alike.


Commercial video production is increasingly important in Somalia as a way to create jobs and increase access to essential services for civilians. The process of video production can be messy, but it offers the opportunity for creative freedom and a chance to tell stories that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

The Associated Press reports that since 2007, the UN has spent more than $10 million onVideo Production in Somalia, but there are still many challenges to overcome. The AP notes that “the average salary for a trained video journalist is about $600 per month.” This means that even with generous government support, it will be difficult for Somalia to replace the revenue lost when media companies leave the country. However, commercial video production can play an important role by providing reliable information and creating opportunities for dialogue.

Commercial video production in Somalia has been hindered by two factors: a lack of infrastructure and security threats. But with the help of international organizations like the UN, private businesses and volunteers, progress is being made. In 2016, Reuters opened its first bureau in Mogadishu since 1991- making it one of only a few foreign media outlets operating in Somalia.

In recent years, Somali film makers have started producing short films instead of documentaries because they find it harder to secure funding and attract audiences. A lot more work needs to be done before Somali commercial video production can reach its potential, but with continued effort it could help promote transparency and development in this troubled region

The Current State of Commercial Video Production in Somalia

Commercial video production has become increasingly important in Somalia as the country continues to rebuild and stabilize following years of civil war. The lack of reliable infrastructure and rampant piracy have made it difficult for businesses and content creators to get their messages out, but video production can help overcome these challenges.

There are a number of commercial video production companies operating in Somalia, providing services such as filming, editing, and graphics design. These companies use local talent and produce short, persuasive videos intended to sell products or services. Commercial video production is also used to educate the public about issues affecting the country, such as health risks, safety concerns, or political developments.

Despite the challenges posed by piracy and unreliable internet connections, video production is an important part of Somali society. By using video content to communicate with both domestic and international audiences, businesses and content creators are helping to build a stronger economy and improve the quality of life for all Somalis.

What Needs To Change For Commercial Video Production To Succeed In Somalia

Commercial video production in Somalia has a long way to go before it can be considered a success. There are many things that need to change for this type of production to be successful in the country.

First and foremost, the government needs to create a more favorable environment for commercial video production. This means creating policies that support the industry and make it easier for businesses to get started. The government also needs to provide incentives for filmmakers and businesses who produce quality commercial videos.

Second, there is a need for skilled professionals who can help produce quality videos. Currently, there is not enough manpower available in Somalia to produce high-quality videos. This means that filmmakers will have to find individuals who are familiar with video production techniques and willing to relocate to Somalia.

Last but not least, there is a need for funding. Commercial video production in Somalia is an expensive endeavor and requires a lot of money up front. Without financial backing from the government or private investors, it will be difficult for filmmakers to carry out their projects.


Somalia is a country that is still in the process of recovering from years of conflict and instability. With this comes a population that lacks many basic necessities, such as access to clean water, proper sanitation, and reliable medical care. In order to help improve the lives of Somalis both locally and abroad, businesses are increasingly turning to commerical video production as an effective way to create awareness about their brand or product, engage with potential customers, and build relationships. This article provides an overview of what commercial video production is all about and why it has become so important in Somalia. Do you have any thoughts on how commercial video production can help promote businesses in Somalia? Let us know in the comments below!

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